VMware ESXi Security Configuration with Ansible

 · The Playbook has three debug tasks to identify the required service names, firewall rule names and advanced option keys. The debug tasks can be excluded with the ansible-playbook option -skip-tags debug. If you just want to run the debug tasks without enforcing the security configuration, the ansible-playbook option -tags debug can be used.


 · Ansible Collection

 · main.yaml: a /usr/bin/ansible-playbook -f 10 script text executable, ASCII text. The following is my task list for managing PanOS security rules. If I were to manage any other vendors firewall I would make it read the same input and just simply create a different task list for that vendor device type. There are two tricks that I am performing.

8.6. Creating a Remediation Ansible Playbook to Align the

Generate an Ansible playbook based on the file generated in the previous step: ~]# oscap xccdf generate fix --fix-type ansible --output ospp-remediations.yml ospp-results.xml The ospp-remediations.yml file contains Ansible remediations for rules that failed during the scan performed in step 1.

Ansible yum update

I'm working with the yum module on ansible. I'm trying to do what would be on RHEL yum update --security My Ansible playbook looks like. tasks:

 · Ansible Playbook-Grundlagen. Dieser Teil des Artikels behandelt die grundlegenden Ansible-Konzepte, um mehr über Ansible Playbook zu erfahren. Hosts und Benutzer. Ansible benötigt Zielcomputer in der Infrastruktur, auf denen Spiele aus dem Ansible-Playbook ….

ansible playbook for Azure network security group

 · ansible playbook for Azure network security group

Ansible Essentials On-Demand Webinar (Red Hat) The Ansible playbooks provided by Confluent perform the following operations: Installs Confluent Platform using packages or archives. Starts services using systemd scripts. Provides variables for configuring security settings for Confluent Platform. Provides options for monitoring Confluent Platform.

Ansible security best practices

 · 1. Architect your solution with security in mind from the very beginning. Choose technology (i.e., database, or languages) that have traditionally had fewer problems, and then code with security at front-of-mind. Sanitize all incoming data, even from trusted users. Paranoia is a virtue.

Ansible Windows Workshop

ansible cli & ci systems ansible playbooks …. ansible tower simple user interface role-based access control configuration management app deploymen t continuous delivery security & compliance orchestratio n provisioning knowledge & visibility scheduled & centralized jobs tower api ansible engine open source module library plugins python.

How To Write Ansible Playbooks

Introduction. Ansible is a modern configuration management tool that doesn't require the use of an agent software on remote nodes. Instead, it uses only SSH and Python to communicate and execute commands on managed servers. Ansible allows users to manage servers in two different ways: via ad hoc commands, and via playbooks. Playbooks are YAML files containing a list of ordered tasks that.


Ansible. Ansible is an automation language and automation engine that lets you describe end-to-end IT application environments with a playbook.Ansible's simple, human-readable language allows orchestration of your application lifecycle no matter where it's deployed.

Securing Ansible Automation Environments with CyberArk

 · As a typical Ansible Playbook can hold privileged credentials for many different IT resources, operating environments and tools, from a security perspective Ansible is often considered a Tier Zero (or mission-critical) asset. Because of this, Ansible and other automation tools are attractive targets for cyber attacks.

Mac Development Ansible Playbook

Mac Development Ansible Playbook. This playbook installs and configures most of the software I use on my Mac for web and software development. Some things in macOS are slightly difficult to automate, so I still have a few manual installation steps, but at least it's all documented here.

Ansible security playbook for your VPS (part 1)

 · In our last Ansible tutorial, we covered the basics of using Ansible for configuration management, which can help you get new servers set up faster and more reliably.. But the Ansible security playbook that we created there was pretty basic, so I thought we would show create a new playbook that supports more security out of the box without sacing normal access to the server.

Ansible Playbook Examples

 · Here is the customized Ansible inventory file with two hosts grouped as webservers. Here the host group name is webservers and it is mentioned in the hosts: directive on the playbook. Given below is the command syntax or sample to run an ansible playbook. ansible-playbook sampleplaybook.yml -i ansible_hosts.

Intro to playbooks — Ansible Documentation

 · Intro to playbooks ¶. Intro to playbooks. Ansible Playbooks offer a repeatable, re-usable, simple configuration management and multi-machine deployment system, one that is well suited to deploying complex applications. If you need to execute a task with Ansible more than once, write a playbook and put it under source control.


 · ansible-hardening. The ansible-hardening role applies security hardening configurations from the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) to systems running the following distributions:. CentOS 7; Debian Jessie; Fedora 27; openSUSE Leap 42.2 and 42.3.

Hack Series: Is your Ansible Package Configuration Secure

 · Ansible is an open source, Python-based, configuration management tool developed by Red Hat. It enables DevOps and other system maintainers to easily write automation playbooks, composed of a series of tasks in YAML format, and then run those playbooks against targeted hosts.


 · Ansible Lockdown Intro. Ansible Lockdown is a collection of Ansible roles related to security automation. All roles included in this project must meet the contribution guidelines.. Some roles referenced in this project are a collaborative effort between Ansible and our IT Security partner MindPoint Group to provide you with thorough, vetted, and trusted security roles that you can ….


 · Create the virtual network and subnet. Create a public IP address. Create network security group and NIC. Configure the WinRM Listener. Complete sample Ansible playbook. Add WinRM Support to Ansible. Connect to the Windows virtual machine. Clean up resources. Next steps.


 · ansible-security-hardening. Overview. Security hardening scripts as recommended by CIS, STIG etc are usually available as shell scripts. This project provides ansible playbooks for these script suites and keep it as distro agnostic as possible. Remediation is done by regular ansible playbook ….


 · Ansible Collection - ibm.isam. Documentation for the collection. This is still a work in progress. README files in this collection were copied from roles repository and need to be edited.

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