Bucket Cutting Edges & Tooth Bars

T-1 industrial grade steel shank with 2A-Style tooth points pined onto shanks, shanks are welded to cutting edge with slotted end tabs, custom-built for buckets up to 82" in width. Bar may be ordered for any bucket with 3/8" to 3/4" thick cutting edge. Model.

Edge Tamer

US Patent #9,133,599. Made In The USA. For single, factory-weld bucket edges (not bolted-on edges) For bolt-on/HD edges, see the Bolt-On Tamer. One exception: Edge Tamers WILL fit BX buckets with an OEM cutting edge. For size/count recommendations: For a subcompact, two 3" wide. For a compact up to a 60" bucket, three 3" wide.


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Tractor Reviews, Maintenance and Implements ,John ,New Holland > Maintenance and Repair, Tractor Attachments, Operating > John 's New D Compact Tractor. Standard 4wd for Maximum Traction Heavy duty drive train with a gear drive transmission 8F/8R On-board diagnostics including Service Advisor Category 1 3-Pt Hitch compatible with dozens of attachments.

Heavy Equipment Bucket Attachments for sale

3-Point Adapter Quick Attachment Mount Plate 1/2"1/4"5/16" for Skidsteer. $134.99 to $251.09. Free shipping.

How to Weld on Tractor Bucket Hooks for Additional Utility

 · Once the C channel was fully welded, I chose my tractor bucket hooks positions, cleaned the metal surfaces with my grinder and tack welded them in place. My outer grab hooks are roughly 3 inches from the edge and angled in at around 25 degrees. I simply centered and squared my slip hook in the middle of the bucket.

Word of caution about Piranha tooth bar

 · 231 Posts. #19 · Jun 1, . Binford said: First of all, I love the tooth bar. It is awesome. Digging is much easier, and uprooting small saplings is a snap. Please curl your bucket flat when lower the bucket. I clocked my ankle, at the fibula lower end, on the tooth bar. Went to the bone, and left me with an inch long gash.


 · Joined Aug 12, Messages 5,985 Location Ladysmith, VA Tractor Kioti DK50SE HST w/FEL, Gravely 60" ZTR Mower. Stihl MS290 (selling), CS261, & FS190 + Echo CS400 & F-350 6.4 PSD snowplow truck.

Wear Plate & Wear Protection

Reduce your operating costs with the CC chromium carbide wearplate. The CC Wearplate will outlast quenched and tempered steels by up to 12 times and white iron by up to 4 times. It maintains the efficiency of chutes, bins, hoppers, buckets and other material handling equipment because it is quickly polished by abrading materials.

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It has a 5 cylinder Diesel Engine that produces 59.5 horsepower. This tractor is a four wheel drive model that weighs pounds. View specifications below. The L tractor has a category 1 three point hitch and a pto rated with 49 hp. The L is shown on the left with a loader attachment. View entire L specs below.

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Frequently Used Parts. .5 Ounce Bottle of Pai... BX BX BX O... BX BX & Mower ... Establishing this channel fulfills 's requirement for a personal communication channel with our customers. Messick's will not sell or abuse your personal information.

Bucket Forks, Backhoe Forks, Over the Bucket Forks

Hooks should be placed so that the front edge of the shaft, or the inside radius of the hook is in-line with the front edge at the top of your bucket. Each kit contains all the components needed to install your forks. kits include: 1 set of forks with pre-welded bushing; 1 shaft, 54" long, 1" diameter, t,g&p, pre-drilled holes on each end.


 · Joined Aug 12, Messages 5,985 Location Ladysmith, VA Tractor Kioti DK50SE HST w/FEL, Gravely 60" ZTR Mower. Stihl MS290 (selling), CS261, & FS190 + Echo CS400 & F-350 6.4 PSD snowplow truck.

Weld On Replacement Loader Bucket Cutting Edges

Item #A1. Made from high-carbon manganese steel alloy, producing a blade that is both tough and resistant to wear to minimize breakage. With a hardness of Rc 29 ± 5, blade performance is optimized in medium to aggressive environments. Warranted against breakage due to a defect in material and workmanship for the life of the cutting edge.

Bucket Cutting Edge

 · Ordered a 60" 1/2"x4" weld-on replacement cutting edge for my 48" bucket. Titan 6" Bucket Cutting Edge Hardened 155 Carbon Steel 1/2" Tractor Loader

Discover the value we offer in our quality American Made implements that fit Tractors. The Attachments we offer are engineered to fit your Tractors 3 point hitch or Front End Loader. You get an equal or better quality attachment for your tractor, without paying the huge markup from buying the brand name "" at the dealership.

Front End Loaders

FRONT END LOADERS THE BEST ATTACHMENT FOR THE JOB. These quick-attach, skid-steer compatible front-end loaders have a higher lift capacity than the competition. And come standard with body-shielding grill guards.

Bucket Forks

Bucket Forks. Bucket forks allow bucket mounted loaders to quickly provide the lifting capabilities of a forklift or pallet forks without the need to switch machines or attachments. All forks are made of a premium steel blend and subjected to a full heat treatment process.



 · Loader Bucket Repair Question I'd say or is just fine too. A lot of times, if not most, those loader buckets (especially on the smaller ones) are only welded in a few spots. This makes it easier for the farmer or rancher to cut them free and send them off the great scrap yard in the sky without much fuss.

Bucket Level Indicator

 · The swivel was installed on the bucket bracket and the eye bolt opened enough to squeeze the PVC through it. It was then a matter of taking the tractor to a flat concrete spot and adjusting the PVC so the end of the rod was even with the end of the PVC when the cutting edge was level. It made a huge difference by being able to get the angle right.

Loader Cutting Edges Supplier

Loader Cutting Edges Feature: OEM Part Number or Custom Design. Heat treated manganese steel and heat treated boron steel available. Weld on or bolt on bucket base edge. Bolt on cutting edge and segments. Cutting edge thickness 13-80mm. Half Arrow Edges: 254mmX30mm, 254mmX40mm. Provide High Quality Bolt on Unitooh.

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