Front plow for B

 · Holly, MI. Sep 27, . #3. I was fortunate enough to locate and purchase a used B Front Blade with hydraulic lift/angle and down pressure for my B. I fabricated a mount for a valve and bought a 2 spool valve on Ebay. I used it for years and I just traded in the B and now have a B, I have modified the plow frame and made.


 · This modified version of the Kuhn Ra 142 makes life just a little easier when mixing your cattle feed. The capacity and mixing ratios have both been tweaked slightly so that now you can fill the base game (940 litre) bucket five times with silage, and then use a straw and hay bale with no waste. Mixing with three bales works fine to.

Grader Blades

The Valk C- line of high-carbon steel grader cutting edges and end bits is available for all makes and models of equipment, in both standard and heavy-duty sizes. The C- may be ordered in four edge designs and in any length. . Most common of all grader designs, curved double-bevel grader blades are available in seven sizes.


VALK MANUFACTURING COMPANY. 717-766- x146. 66 East Main Street Post Office Box 428, New Kingstown, Pennsylvania -, USA. Visit Website Map & Directions.


Tractors & Farm Machines at Work

Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) The Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE) is a lightweight, all-wheel-drive, diesel-engine-driven, high-mobility vehicle with a backhoe, a bucket loader, and other.

Environmental impact assessment of alfalfa (Medicago

 · The environmental impact of alfalfa hay is evaluated using the LCA approach. Two different production practices without and with irrigation were considered. Climate Change is equal to 84.54 and 80.21 kg CO 2 /t for the two scenarios. Scenario with irrigation best results for 10 of the 12 evaluated impact categories.

Articulating loader plow R/H120

 · The full weight of the loader plow at full angle resists pushing 16" of snow (in float mode) without losing some steerage, but a slight adjustment of the loader (out of float) is all it takes to regain control by transferring some of that weight back to the front axle. I suspect if I removed the rear ballast, I could push at full angle in float.

Loader Buckets

Home » Construction Buckets » Loader Buckets. Loader Buckets. We here at Phoenix Equipment Sales give you the best quality in loader buckets. We have good quality equipment and quick service to you for all of your construction needs. Phoenix Equipment is an authorized dealer of Rhino Equipment.

Modifications to my John 750 Compact Diesel

I bought my John 750 new in April of . It came with a 375 front dozer/snowplow blade, a Howard rototiller and a Woods M5 rotary mower. After using the blade to plow snow for a few years, I got a big plow for my pickup and no longer really needed it. I got a 67 loader and put on the tractor and it has been MUCH more useful.

L Recommendations

 · Modified a Farm & Barn cheepo 3 point backblade to go on the front with hyd. swing.... Bought a very nice heavy duty Woods backblade for the rear.... Could side shift the rear blade to kick the front blade windrow over even further..... You can plow forward, making a pretty wide swath..... And put the bucket back on in a minute if needed.

MGIPSF/Mechanical Methods

Skid-steer loaders (modified for kudzu removal) Four-wheel drive tractors with brush mower, mulcher, harrow, seeder, seed drill, and tree planting attachments; Mulchers (masticators) Bulldozers with sheer blade, root rake, ripper, harrow, combination plow, tree planter, fire plow, and grubber attachments.

Ambient weathering of magnesium oxide for CO 2 removal

 · The atmospheric concentration of CO 2 has reached 410 parts per million by volume (ppm), an increase of almost 20 ppm in the last 10 years 1,2.As current emission levels exceed 35 ….

96" Erskine V

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 96" Erskine V-plow for Skid Steer at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!.

How To: Plowing in a Wheel Loader

 · Little bit longer video explaining how I go about plowing sites with a wheel loader. Dirt Ninja website and Merchandise

Options. #20 Hitch, Standard Plow Only Hitch. #21 Hitch, Modified Husting Plow Only Hitch. #24 Hitch, Pin and Loop Plow Only Hitch. #25 Hitch, Quick Link Plow Only Hitch. #26 Hitch, Rapid Push Bar Plow Only Hitch. #28 Hitch, Jaw Quick Coupler Plow Only Hitch. #30 Hitch, Heavy-Duty Underchassis Plow Only Hitch. #40 Hitch, Standard Plow and Wing.

Anbo Mfg., Inc.: agricultural attachments, agricultural

Excavator Rake Pallet Forks Blades / Plows Dozer Blades Dozer / Angle Blades 4-Way Dozer / Angle Blades 6-Way Site Plow Extreme Snow Blades (Heavy Duty / Spring Trip) Snow Blades...Read more here... Call Us at 866-684- Click view video to see our grapples in action! News More Than A Dirt Bucket The hydraulic grapple rake, a versatile new tractor/loader... or loader attachment, it has.


A tractor includes a motor, transmission, drive shaft and rear differential for driving the rear axles mounted on a main tubular frame of a variable configuration. Forwardly extendable telescoping tubular frame members are actuated by respective rams to selectively increase the wheel base between the front and rear wheels. The front and rear telescoping tubes supporting each of the wheels are.

Male available for Mainly Arable, Mainly Livestock, Mixed

Male available for Mainly Arable, Mainly Livestock, Mixed Farming, Other work. CV Ref No. CV Reference No.

TA-52. The TA-52 is the ideal fit for smaller tractors and lawn mowers. It is a sturdy compact loader for the rural home owner who wants move snow, dirt, pick up materials such as brush, move small bales, cleaning out stables, landscape and more.

Plow + Wing Combos For Loaders

Henke's REL (Reversible End Loader) Plow is a popular choice for cities, municipalities and highway fleet managers when a full-tripping, power-reversing plow is needed. Built to last. Built to handle tough plowing situations and light dozing this plow can serve you year 'round. We recommend combining the REL with our exclusive True Float.

Wheel Loader Snow Gear

The Craig Folding Wing Plow is designed to be the ultimate multi-function snow fighting tool. The adjustable end gates allow it to be used as a reversible plow, box plow, and back dragging plow. Available for backhoes and small/medium sized wheel loaders. Machine will require an auxiliary valve to operate the plow.

: Swisher Universal Dump Bucket : Lawn

Did what I needed to do. Installed on a Honda TRX500 4x4 that was setup for snow plowing with a Swisher blade. Moved 30 yards of sand and gravel. Modified the support system slightly for strength and moved the lift point to get full lift of the bucket. The winch should be mounted higher than many stock ATV usually mount them to get full lift.

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