oil temperatures, which can extend the brake life. A Downshift logic only B Brake application initiated C Self-adjusting transmission neutralization Single-stage torque converter. The torque converter has stall ratio of 2.83:1. An optional attachment is the Free Wheel Stator torque converter….

What are the possible causes of high transmission temperature…

Low oil level in transfer gear case. 2. Low water level in engine radiator. 3. Restrictions in oil cooler or oil lines. 4. Too much operation of machine at or near stall speed (overload). 5. Too much oil in the converter housing around the converter because of: a. Too much oil leakage inside the converter. b. Ratio valve for the torque.


Oil cooler or Oil restricted. Oil too heavy Cold Oil. See items No. 1 lines Oil cooler or oil cooler lines restricted causing safety valve to stay Open. Oil cooler too small. Worn oil pump Converter drain line to transmission or Oil sump not installed properly, Worn coupling gear. Worn Oil pump Damaged bearing. Worn drive gears. Transmission.

Michigan Loader with Clark Transmission, Don Detienne, 23

 · Re: Michigan Loader with Clark Transmission, Don Detienne, 23. Aug 21:10. Just wondering why I would get full pressure and good movement in reverse no matter what the gear is that I use (1-4). When I go forward I lose the pressure from 200 psi in reverse to 100 in the forward gears.

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If we imagine that the torque converter is filled with oil and the pump rotor is rotating, oil will flow as indicated by the thicker arrows. ... K2 Pressure line, gear selector valve k Temp. sensor, SE406 L Pressure back-up valve m Pressure sensor, SE405 ... If the stalling speed is too low, the fault can be found in the engine.

3 Torque Converter Problems, Symptoms, & Fixes in Heavy

 · Take a look at the three common torque converter problems you might run into: 1. Overheating. The most likely problem you'll run into is overheating. Overheating can usually be directly traced to low converter fluid pressure and/or air present in the system. This can be caused by several factors, including: The fluid levels get too low.

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Email: [email protected] . 32 tons 32t LNG heavy forklift. The overheating of the working oil temperature of the forklift torque converter is a common fault, and the failure of the loading machine is weak. At the same time, the high oil temperature also accelerates the oxidation and foaming of the hydraulic oil, so it loses the lubrication performance of the sports parts, causes the.

Torque Converter Problems: Symptoms & Costs

 · It is less expensive to replace a torque converter compared to a transmission. For starters, the torque converter costs between $150 to $350. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms of torque converter problems, you may need a good idea of how much it'll cost to get it fixed or replaced.


 · If you allow the oil in the transmission to exceed the safe temperature range it will take the seals out of the back hoe cylinders by hardening them and turning them brittle. Same for the loader if it is so equipped. The transmission is also equipped with a torque converter, and that is also needs an acceptable oil temperature to avoid damage.

John 544A Wheel Loader Operators Manual

The loader is equipped with a variable speed en­ gine controlled by a foot throttle. For maximum effi-. ciency from the loader engine and torque converter transmission combination, operate the engine be­ tween and rpm. Maximum continuous power at full load is obtained at rpm. PRE-STARTING INSPECTION.


4 Axle oil temperature sensor. Oil temperature sensors in both front and rear axles alert the operator when oil temperatures are too high and a change in operating technique is required or slowing the machine. When an over-temperature situation is detected, the sensors illuminate an LED on the Electronic Monitoring System (EMS III) panel.

Loader gearbox oil temperature is too high what reason be

 · Loader gearbox oil temperature is too high what reason be. Causes of the torque converter oil temperature is too high caused by the following aspects: 1, the transmission oil level too high or too low to check variable speed within the box of oil sump oil amount, adjust the capacity of transmission oil to the specified location. The correct.


953C Track-Type Loader. Electrical System. 2ZN-UP. Machine Harness Connector And Component Locations. F. T. Normally open switch that will close with an increase of a specific condition (temp-press-etc.). Normally open switch that is closed due to an applied condition, and will open again with a. specific decrease in that condition.

988b : Best transmission oil check practice

 · The engine sits at around 75-80° Cel and the torque converter oil seems to operate between 93-97°Cels with hard work. ( digging big buckets of rock and climbing up out of the hole to dump it onto dam banks ) I suspect that I have been running it with too much trans oil by checking it after running it at low idle for ten mins at start.

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Torque converter pressure, max. 1.0 MPa (10 bar) (145 psi) Adjusting 6.Torque converter pressure cannot be adjusted. If the pressure is too low, it may depend on the spring for the torque converter's safety valve. Ifthe pressure is too low, the lube oil pressure is probably low as well. Lube oil ….

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The water temperature of the engine is too low 3. Cooling system leak. ... Ultra high oil temperature of a loader torque converter may cause many problems, such as oxidizing oil, reducing viscosity, decreasing transmission and lubrication functions, accelerating leak and parts abrasion, etc.

Need help diagnosing my 850B case dozer converter temp i

need help diagnosing my 850B case dozer converter temp i have installed a new Charge Pump, cleaned radiator and blown out lines, changed suction filter and the Transmission filter and even checked the releaf valve to the cooler. The transmission get,s hot after about 1.5 hrs of operation and then the engine starts getting hot after that, you can put it in neutral and rev it up and the unit.

Loader transmission oil temperature is high and weak

The heat dissipation of the transmission oil is mainly caused by the cooling of the radiator and the heat dissipation in the shell. Fault analysis on high oil temperature of loader torque converter. 2. Several factors leading to high oil temperature in torque converter. 2.1 system oil inlet pressure is insufficient.


The engine offers high torque and quick response at low rpm. The machine operates efficiently at low engine speeds which contributes to good fuel economy, less noise, reduced wear and longer life. Engine: High performance

The water temperature of the engine is too low 3. Cooling system leak ... Ultra high oil temperature of a loader torque converter may cause many problems, such as oxidizing oil, reducing viscosity, decreasing transmission and lubrication functions, accelerating leak and parts abrasion, etc.

Torque Converter Symptoms, Problems, Location

 · A new replacement torque converter costs between $100 and $400. The labor cost to replace the torque converter is between $200 and $. The transmission does often have to be removed to replace or inspect the torque converter for any problems. To replace the torque converter, it will take between 3-12 hours, depending on your skills and.

Torque Converter Lock

It uses the oil only as an energy transfer coupling. Moving it around in the transmission and torque converter is friction, a necessary evil, not the point of the game. The torque converter's vanes are shaped to maximize the speed and momentum of the oil at the outside edge, to maximize the inertia transmitted from the impeller to the turbine.


high transmission oil temperature (conv temp gage indicates excessive tempera- ture) step 1. (cont). ... bucket, or clam operation too slow 5. hydraulic system oil too hot 6. a hydraulic control lever does not return to neutral ... transmission torque converter group cont removal (sheet 2 of 3) - tm-5--262-34_ removal (sheet 3 of 3.

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