How to Size Your SIP Trunks

 · With a GoS of 0.01 and an Erlang load of 5 now known, use an Erlang B calculator (such as this one), and enter 5 into the BHT (Erlang load) and 0.01 in the Blocking field. You'll see that 11 sessions are required for this traffic load and GoS. This works out that each session is operating 45% busy.

Clapper loader

A clapper loader or second assistant camera (2nd AC) is part of a film crew whose main functions are that of loading the raw film stock into camera magazines, operating the clapperboard (slate) at the beginning of each take, marking the actors as necessary, and maintaining all records and paperwork for the camera department. The name "clapper loader" tends to be used in the United Kingdom and.

How Much Water Does a Washing Machine Use? (28 Examples

 · A washing machine's water usage depends on the washer capacity, load size, cycle type, type of washer, age of washer, and whether the washer is ENERGY STAR certified or not. On average, washing machines use 19 gallons of water per load, which, for the average that runs between 5 and 6 loads per week, adds up to 5,605 gallons of.

How many virtual users do I need for load testing?

Here's the basic calculation: (concurrent users) x (requests per user per minute) = total requests per minute. For example, if you run a load test with 10,000 virtual users, each making a request every 20 seconds (3 requests per minute), then you're making 30,000 requests per minute, which equals 500 requests per second.

Troubleshooting MongoDB CPU load and slow queries

 · If your CPU load is — it's a good filter to use. You can play with different values, sometimes your requests can take up to 10 secs or even more, so use different values to minimise the.

web server

47. 70 requests per second works out to an hourly rate of 252,000 page renders / hour. If you assume that the average browsing session for your site is 10 pages deep, then you can support 25,000 uniques / hour. You should probably check these numbers against your expected visitor count, which should be available from the folks on the business side.

How to Check CPU Usage in Linux with Command Line

 · 9) Glances. Glances is a cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool written in Python that uses the psutil library to fetch data from the system. Glance monitor CPU, Load Average, Memory, Network Interfaces, Disk I/O, Processes and File System spaces utilization. Install glances in your system with the following command.

Heart Touching Miss You Status Quotes

 · Heart Touching Miss You Status Quotes. 1) Come Here. I Miss You. 2) I'M Officially Missing You ! 3) I Feel Like An Idiot For Missing You. 4) Its Not Enough To Say That I Miss You. 5) I Will Stop Missing You When I Am With You. 6) I Miss You Like A Squirrel Misses His Nuts.

How Do I Find Out Linux CPU Utilization?

 · Can someone please explain the CPU load percentage as it relates to multi-core or multi-cpu machines. If I see a load of 1.57 (157%) on a Xeon (quad processor), is that 1.57 out of a possible 4.00, or are all 4 CPUs running flat out and swapping the 57% overhead? Also, is there an easy way to get a CPU count to adjust the load statistic if needed?.

How to split the chores with your partner — minus the

 · The second strategy is turn-taking. Here you share responsibility for each task, taking turns as to who does what. Your respective turns may correspond to days of the week when you are relatively less busy with work. For example, one of you cooks dinner on Monday through Thursday and the other on Friday and over the weekend.


In telecommunications, busy-hour call attempts (BHCA) is a teletraffic engineering measurement used to evaluate and plan capacity for telephone networks. BHCA is the number of telephone calls attempted at the sliding 60-minute period during which occurs the maximum total traffic load in a given 24-hour period (BHCA), and the higher the BHCA, the higher the stress on the network processors.

'That's just what you do': Utah family spends $12K, but

 · A Pleasant Grove family recently purchased a skid-steer front loader to help them with their backyard reconstruction project, only to learned a month later the equipment was likely stolen.

Loaders For Sale

 · John 's front loader lineup, for example, spans compact utility tractors in the 23- to 66-horsepower range with a roughly 71.2-inch reach height and 570-pound lifting capacity to models for row crop tractors falling in the 145- to 345-horsepower range with 188-inch lift heights and up to 5,700-pound lifting capacities.

Hourly Rates For Payloader And Backhoes ?

 · How Much Should I Charge Per Hour For: Payloader Payloader With 12 Foot Pusher Backhoe Backhoe With A 12 Foot Pusher New Holland Skid 185 With A 10 Foot Pusher Dump With A 9 Ft. Plow 3 Yard Sander I Am Pricing A Large Job By The Hour. Per There Request. I ….

How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost?

 · How much does a washing machine cost? The cost of a washing machine will vary depending on the efficiency, load capacity, and make and model. A standard top-loading machine with multiple load capacities and cycle options will cost $250-$500. For example, the GE 4.3 cubic feet 24-cycle washer can be found at Amazon for about $300.. A mid-range washing machine, one that is ….

Automated Side Load Garbage Trucks

The 24-yard MultiPack® is the industry's only combination side-loader and rear-loader, outfitted with a Python ® arm and a DuraPack tailgate. The Liberty comes in seven different body sizes, has a 9-foot reach, an 8-second cycle time, and can lift 800 pounds.

Monitoring Real

Optionally, use the Load Map for a graphical view of system activity. The Load Map is useful for viewing activity in a single- or multi-dimensional layout when you are not interested in seeing how activity has changed over time during the selected period. Figure 4-12 shows the load ….

We Bought a Laundromat…and It's All About the Numbers

8 Reasons Why a Laundromat Was the Right Business for Us: 1. Cash Flow

 · Amy netted nearly $1 million from selling her portion of the farm. The TLC star admitted that she'll always miss the farm and after signing the purchase agreement, she took some time to reflect.

Understanding the Load Average on Linux and Other Unix

 · On its own, the load number doesn't mean too much. A computer might have a load of 0 one split-second, and a load of 5 the next split-second as several processes use the CPU. Even if you could see the load at any given time, that number would be basically meaningless. That's why Unix-like systems don't display the current load.

Wheel Loaders For Sale

 · Browse our inventory of new and used Wheel Loaders For Sale near you at Top manufacturers include , , , , CASE, , JCB, , DOOSAN, and . Page 1 of 493.

How to Get and what are Battle Stars In Fortnite Season 7

 · As well as running Fortnite Insider, Yousef also has a handful of other successful ongoing projects and likes to keep busy. He plays FPS and BR games, mainly Fortnite of course, in his spare time. Yousef is always on hand 24/7 to break the latest news. Second-class upper-division (2:1) bachelor's with honours degree in Creative Computing.

Safe Following Distance: Follow the 3 Second Rule

 · Regardless of your speed, the weather conditions, and other factors, using the 3-second rule is an excellent way to ensure that you're always maintaining a safe following distance. Do your best to practice it every time you drive and it will become second nature as you use it more frequently.

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