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 · I was thinking of digging a pond like 50x75.And, like 5 feet on one end 15 on the other. With 10k to spend, what would be the best choice for equipment?A bulldozer?Mini ex? backhoe? Or something else? I may buy it dig the pond and resell. Or may keep it ….

How To Dredge A Pond

 · The hydro-rake is a floating barge upon which a backhoe is mounted with a digging bucket or rake. It is capable of removing accumulated muck in water as shallow as 18 inches. Hydro Raking a very efficient for removing aquatic vegetation and debris from pond and lake.

Digging A Pond

 · Before you can dig out the pond you need to decide how deep you want the pond to be and this will depend what you are going to do with the pond. Come along on todays journey as we use the ls xr compact tractor with backhoe to dig out our pond. Unless you dig for a living its tougher than you think and digging the pond is the easy part.

Who makes the biggest backhoe?

A 3/4 acre pond may be a little ambitious with a mini-excavator, but it certainly can be done, especially with a dump truck. Can you dig a pond with a backhoe? A pond is a picturesque feature that can add value to both residential and commercial sites. The best way to dig a pond is to use an efficient backhoe ….

Pond digging with backhoe

A backhoe can excavate a hole, but its the blade sliding over the pond's soil that makes it sealed. A dozer compacts as well as presses the soil and thus seals it. Its okay to use a backhoe or excavator to remove the soil, but the final shaping; that needs a bulldozer ….

Excavated Ponds for Wildlife

constructing ponds as they can be fairly precise in "sculpting" the landscape. A backhoe (power shovel) or excavator can do a good job, and a dragline can produce fair results. The nature of your project will likely determine to a large degree exactly which equipment is used. Use a dozer, scraper, or backhoe ….

Harbor Freight Towable Backhoe

Harbor Freight Central-Machinery Towable Ride-On Trencher Item # One man assembly, Backhoe Price on sale $2,159.99 (20% off) Boom travel: 60° left and right. Greyhound Backhoe Askives Askives Answers to your questions. Find huge savings on this towable ride-on ditch trencher at Harbor Freight.

Texas Dozer

Avoid taking short cuts when digging a pond. Ponds require planning and experience. Many times the least expensive route will cost you more in the long run. Do it right the first time. We have spent a career fixing ponds that were dug by non-professionals, and have countless stories of leaky dams, and poorly built ponds.

9 HP Towable Backhoe

The convenient self-powered hydraulic system lets you use this backhoe anywhere you need it, whenever you need it. A hitch coupler is included for hooking up to your truck, ATV, UTV or tractor for easy towing. INCLUDES: 13in. wide 3-tooth digging bucket. Boom travel: 60° left and right. Maximum digging depth: 7 ft. Digging width: 13 in.

How to Dig a Pond With a Backhoe

Step 4. Set the backhoe up in the center of the pond at one end of the pond. Have the backhoe operator dig in a straight line all the way across to the other end of the pond (dumping the dirt into your dumptruck or front loader for removal as the pond is dug). As the backhoe operator digs, the spotter should check the depth of each section with.

Is it really so difficult to dig a large pond?

 · With a pond if they are most likely not just digging a hole, you have to allow for drainage of overflow, possibly lining it with some sort of clay if your soil is too free draining. ... At a minimum you'll need a backhoe or trackhoe for the digging and a truck with a dump-bed (or a large pickup and a dump-trailer) to move the dirt over the.

pond digging question

 · the excavation equipment you need is a large backhoe with a front end loader (to move the dirt to where you want it)..without a backhoe you cannot dig deep enough for a pond….


Other options for the front bucket is a clam shell bucket. For the backhoe are many sizes of bucket widths for each specific job, add a thumb and pick up rocks and logs. But for the main use of each end, it can dig a pond with the backhoe and carry away the excess dirt to fill holes in the yard or a ….

Skid Steer or Backhoe for digging a pond

 · It is easy to dig a hole with the hoe but I can't get the dump truck down in the pond so it means digging and putting the dirt in a pile and then loading it in the truck - moving it twice. The loader on the backhoe works ok and holds a little more than the skid steer but even with 4WD it has traction issues trying to dig into the ground.

Ponds 101: What You BETTER Know Before You Start Digging

Digging out a pond is done either by hand or with earth-moving equipment. If you are planning on digging it by hand, be forewarned that it's probably going to be much more difficult than you think. If you're planning a small pond that isn't very deep and you're in good shape, go ahead and use a shovel.

Pond Excavation Basics

 · A skid-steer can be effective in excavating the top shelves of the pond, but the bottom and final shaping should still be done with hand tools. A good backhoe operator can maneuver around enough to do quite a bit of digging, but some handwork is still necessary to clean things up.


To dig a pond with a bulldozer, you need to map the land, find the water source, and use the front blade to push out the dirt from the perimeter. Use a backhoe attachment to dig through the soil and create ledges along the way. Use liners, small rocks, and boulders to help with water retention.

If you dig it (a pond), will it hold water?

 · So once I got thinking about digging a pond, then I'm thining OK, what if it doesn't hold water? It'd be a real mess to say the least. Grouse. johnee. Participant. Posts: 731. August 1, at 7:44 pm #. Quote: How big of a water hole are you anticipating? This is a matter of some debate. I was thinking about 20-30 feet in diameter.


Digging a pond with a Compact Tractor

 · I have built probably over a hundred ponds in the last several years. Some I have only used a dozer to core the dam. On other occasions I have leased a backhoe to core. If it has live water I would suggest a 7 to 10 foot core (deep) and generally a dozer blade wide will suffice.

Pond Digging and Filling in Hinckley, MN

Professional pond installation from our team of excavation specialists involves more than digging a pit onto your premises and filling it with water. Jensen Backhoe, LLC carefully plans each detail according to your specifications.

Digging a pond with backhoe... Need advice

 · I started digging my pond this weekend with only a backhoe at my disposal. I am not doing any sort of dam, rather digging a big hole in the ground. I want a pond, but my other motivation is the amount of fill dirt I need else where on my property. I can dig for about 10 min and then have a rather large pile of dirt to be moved.

What can't you do with a 20-25

 · To truly master all of your domain, you can add a backhoe—for digging out tree stumps, digging a trench, laying pipe, putting in drainage or maintaining pond banks—and get a posthole digger for building a fence or pole building. Why a John compact tractor beats other 23-25-hp tractors ….

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