What is another word for chomped?

Synonyms for chomped include bit on, bitten on, champed, chewed, chewn, crunched, ate, eaten, gnawed and gnew. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!.

English to Nepali Dictionary

Nepali Meaning: कुतरना a small byte / A small or cautious bite. / to eat with tiny bites / an instance of nibbling something., Usage ⇒ Do not nibble in the class ⇒ You have to rely on senses and a vague idea about what a fish eating a worm feels like through the line, and what it ….

What does NIBBI mean?

Definition of NIBBI in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of NIBBI. What does NIBBI mean? Information and translations of NIBBI in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on ….


nibble definition: 1. to eat something by taking a lot of small bites: 2. to bite something gently and repeatedly…. Learn more.


Nimble definition is - quick and light in motion : agile. How to use nimble in a sentence.

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Derivation of name and historical aspects The ancient Greeks called the tree zizyphon, from the Arabic zizouf, a name for the mythical lotus. This was taken into Latin as zizyphum, or zizypha for the fruits. The species name mucronata is Latin meaning pointed, probably ….


chomp definition: 1. to chew food noisily: 2. to chew food noisily: 3. to bite on something and make a chewing…. Learn more.

English to Nepali Dictionary

Nepali Meaning: भस्म destroyed or wasted as if by eating; forests devoured by flame; an inheritance eaten up by debt / of Devour / eat (food or prey) hungrily or quickly., Usage ⇒ he devoured half of his burger in one bite : Synonyms.


Define nibbled. nibbled synonyms, nibbled pronunciation, nibbled translation, English dictionary definition of nibbled. v. nib·bled, nib·bling, nib·bles v. tr. 1. To bite at gently and repeatedly. 2. To eat with small, quick bites or in small morsels: nibble a cracker.


Sparkle definition is - to throw out sparks. How to use sparkle in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of sparkle.

Unnibbled Meaning in Kannada


Contextual translation of "what is nibbled" into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: m, ano un, woot voice, malay limo, ano po yon, ano ba yon, ano ang nup.


Bengali definition, a native or an inhabitant of Bengal; Bengalese. See more.

What is another word for nibble?

Synonyms for nibble include bite, taste, peck, morsel, titbit, mouthful, nugget, snack, soupçon and tidbit. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!.

ঠেঙা এর অর্থ

English Meaning of ঠেঙা = (p. 429) ṭhēṅā a staff, a stave, a wooden pole, a heavy stick, a lathi; a wooden rod (esp. one used for bolting a door). ঠেঙাঠেঙি n. act of exchanging blows with lathis, a fight with lathis; fighting. ঠেঙাড়ে n. a community of Indian robbers who used to kill pedestrians by beating them with lathis; one of these robbers.

How to use "nibbled" in a sentence

One nibbled its way friskily through the fly-mesh on my tent and the plastic foodbag, straight to the muesli. A chicken nibbled on smashed watermelon, and dancers swam in a plastic water flume, and a fake walrus lumbered across the stage. I nibbled on what seemed like a gorgeous, chewy nut bar, but it was a protein-rich, chocolate-covered soy bar.

What does nibba mean?

 · Definition of nibba in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of nibba. What does nibba mean? Information and translations of nibba in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions ….

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Tagalog. anu ang kahulugan ng jagged line. Last Update: -12-02. Usage Frequency: 1. Quality: Reference: Anonymous. English. alice in wonderland tagalog veOnce upon a time . . . there lived a woman who had no children. She dreamed of having a little ….

Unnibbled Meaning in Kannada


Nimble meaning in Bengali - তৎপর, দ্রুত চঞ্চল; - English - Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. ইংরেজি - বাংলা Online অভিধান। Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us.

What Does The Name Nibble Mean?

verb Nib"ble. To bite upon something gently or cautiously; to eat a little of a thing, as by taking small bits cautiously; as, fishes nibble at the bait. noun nib"ble. Senses. A small or cautious bite. Hence: ( Fig )An expression of interest, often tentative, as at the beginning of a sale or negotiation process.

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 · Vicarage study. Office of Mr. Maybold, the village vicar, that is the setting for the most comic scene of the novel. The men march to the vicar's study to request a dignified farewell for their.

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 · Kasundi Rice. Located on the bustling Lavelle Road, EatWater, a new East Indian food studio, is easy to miss. EatWater is a tongue-in- cheek reference to the phrase "jol khabo" in Bengali, meaning to "eat" water. Their menu spans Bengali, Oriya and Meghalayan dishes. The decor is simple and minimalistic but the addition of a rickshaw by.

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