Why is the Throttle Body Water Cooled?

 · Yeah, in an EFI car with heavy PVC possibilities the hot area will slough off carbon and reduce throttle sticking. On a carburetted vehicle it was solely due to the JT-Effect whereby air rapidly expanding at high velocity (cracked throttle plate to high vacuum) tends to chill to freezing temperatures.

Q: throttle position sensor can it affect coolant temperature?

 · 16 years of experience. The throttle position sensor will not have anything to do with the coolant temperature. The problem with the coolant temperature gauge you had may be due to the coolant change that was done or the system itself has a problem. You stated that the fluids got changed but did not mention if the coolant was changed specifically.


• saturated water at Psat = 29 psia = 2.0 BarA, we know that Tsat = 248.4°F = 120.1°C. • saturated steam at Tsat = 212°F = 100°C, we know that Psat = 14.7 psig = 1.013 BarA. SUPERHEATED VAPOR. A fluid is a superheated vapor when its temperature is greater than Tsat corresponding to the flowing pressure. Examples: Steam @ P1 = 145 psia.

Why Does Coolant Flow Through the IAC and Throttle Body

 · On many engines I've seen coolant is circulated through the Idle Air Control valve and the throttle body. One such example is the Mazda 2L 4 cylinder FS used in the 626. The IAC is ECU controlled, and there is a coolant temperature sensor, so what would be the purpose of running coolant through the IAC?.

Rebuilt Mercury overheating when full throttle

 · Posted December 1, . The impeller is the first thing to change if you're having overheating issues. Mercury recommends replacement at 12 months or 100 hours, which ever comes first. If that doesn't fix it, start looking at your thermostats and poppet valve.

Hot Water Heater Overheating: Causes & Fixes

Causes and Solutions for a Water Heater Overheating. If your water heater is making hot water too hot all of a sudden, it's likely the result of the temperature setting being too high, a malfunctioning thermostat, high mineral content, or the pressure relief valve is blocked. Each of these issues can cause the water from the faucet to come out.

6.0 ENGINE COOLING SYSTEMS If this heat is not removed

structural damage. Jacket water may also be used to cool the lubricating oil through a heat exchanger. For most diesel engines, a jacket water discharge temperature of about 180oF is preferred with a temperature rise through the engine in the range of 8 to15oF. Engine Coolant

Lack of raw-water flow will show up as an excessive increase of the raw-water temperature as the raw-water passes through the cooling system. Normal temperature increase varies between different engine models but is usually in the range of 40-60°F. In other words, if incoming raw-water temperature is 70°F, the outgoing water passing through.

does larger throttle body affect idle when cold?

Oil viscosity chanhe with temperature could be enough to hold it back. I wouldn't think it was likely but the different thermal expansion rates of the blade and bore might mean there is just a bit more air getting through when the throttle body heat soaks too. Last edited: November 24, ….

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