Forklift Classes: Class 2 Forklifts Complete Overview

A turret truck is a class 2 forklift that is built to work in very narrow aisles (8-9 feet aisles). Turret trucks are powered by a battery and an electric engine. They are built to reach high pallets on shelves, up to 40 feet, and have load capacities between 3,000 and 3,500 lbs.


Forklift truck forks are mounted on a carriage which can be approx. 400mm, 500mm or 610mm deep. These are known respectively as Class 2, 3 or 4 carriages and are common to 95% of all industrial forklifts. The final dimension is fork drop which is measured from the inside of the lower fork mounting to the underside of the fork. See the picture.

Forklift Trucks & Materials Handling Equipment

High Capacity Cushion Tire Forklift Trucks. Pegasus Elite Series - Electric. Pegasus Elite Series - ICE. Container Handlers. H150XD-EC 3/4 High Empty Container Handler. H180-230HD-EC/D 6/9 High Empty Container Handler. H-HD-CH Laden Container Handler. RS 46XD ReachStacker. 3 Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks.


4.22 Fork Dimension standard thxwxl mm 45 x 100 x 990 option l mm 800, 915, , , , , , 4.23 Fork Carriage ISO class 2 A 4.24 Fork Carriage Width w. / w.o. load backrest b3 mm / 965 4.31 Ground Clearance with load below mast m1 mm 76 4.32 Ground Clearance centre wheelbase m2 mm 122.


Bale spear fits class 2 fork lift rails which are 16" from top of top slide to bottom of bottom slide bar, and top lock in clips. Spear is 48 inches long. Bale spear is forged and heat treated for extra strength. Spear is tapered and fluted starting at the center of the spear ….

7 Classes of Forklift Trucks: A Breakdown

 · Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks . This forklift is for companies that opt for very narrow aisle operation. This allows them to maximize the use of storage space. These vehicles have unique features that are designed to minimize the space ….

Attachment Type: Pallet Forks (Rail Style (Class II)) and

Pallet Forks: Rail Style

72? FORKLIFT FORKS CHOOSE FROM EITHER CLASS 2 OR CLASS 3. The HEIGHT of your CARRIAGE determines the CLASS of your FORKS. 16″Tall Carriage = Class 2 Forks 20″ Tall Carriage = Class 3 Forks 25″ Tall Carriage = Class 4 Forks. CUSTOM ORDER FORKS AVAILABLE. CLASS 2 / Class 3 / Class 4 48″ @ 299.95 / 449.95 / Contact 60″ @ 629.99 / 799.95.

Forklift Forks For Sale

Available in Class 2 or Class 3 mount, forged forklift forks are available in lengths up to 96". We have over 300 forks in stock ready to ship! If you need special forks, such as block, lumber, Class 4 or shaft mount forks, we have those too! We also modify forks - call us at 800-535- with your forklift lifting attachment needs.

what is a standard forklift fork dimension?

 · Most common would be 4,000 lb capacity forklift which typically come with class 2 carriages and 1.5" x 4" x 42" long forks. Little orange avatar has 4" x 1.5" x 42" as Milacron suggested. I run 2" x 6" x 60" on my larger forklift.

Pallet Forks Skid Steer Loader, Tractor Loader, Compact

Our Pallet Forks are designed to work on Compact Tractor Loaders, Mini Skid Steer Loaders, Tractor Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders and Backhoe Loaders. Skid Steer Loader Pallet Forks. Medium duty class II at lbs., heavy duty class II at lbs. and heavy duty class III at lbs. load capacity. Mini Skid Steer Pallet Forks.

Class 2 forklift forks

Our class 2 forks are manufactured to ANSI B56 and ISO specifications and standards. Our forklift forks are stocked in Holland, Michigan and Fontana, California. Class 2 forks have 16 inches between top and bottom hooks. If you need a size not shown here, please give us a call at 616-796-.

Understanding Forklift Forks

Lift Trucks Explained - A Materials Handling Primer.

What you need to know about forks for your lift truck

 · There are (4) classes of forks that have unique mounting dimensions and capacity. Class I. Hanger inside dimension = 13.03". Capacity less than 2,000lbs. Class II. Hanger inside dimension = 16.00"

 · Class 1 = 0-1,999 lb capacity truck. Class 2 = 2,000 - 5,500 lb. Class 3 = 5,501 - 10,000 lb. Class 4 = 10,001 - 17,500 lb. Class 5 = 17,501 - 24,000 lb. However, measure before ordering since these are only guidelines. There are various reasons manufacturers may use a larger carriage, particularly on trucks that are close to the larger capacity.

Forklift Forks and Tines Guide

 · Dimensions of forklift forks are normally given as width (W) x thickness (T) x Length (L), in combination with the class. For example 120 x 50 x , 3B. The class is a combination of the class of the truck and the fork drop, see below for full description.

IBC Tote Specifications: Dimensions, Sizes, and Costs

IBC tote sizes range from 110 to 550 gallons, with 275 and 330 being the most common. Dimensions are internationally standardized to roughly 45"L x 45"W. Costs range from $180 to $2,000. Learn more IBC specifications, shipping logistics, and compare to other common containers.


 · Forklift Fork dimensions: Forklift forks, also known as tines or blades, are used to lift and carry loads. They are an integral part of the forklift and ensuring you are using the correct ones and that they are in good condition is essential to both the safety of personnel, but also the forklift ….

Engine powered forklift 3.5

4.20 Length to face of forks l 2 mm 4.21 Overall width b 1 mm 4.22 Fork dimensions s/e/l mm 50/150/ 50/150/ 60/150/ 60/150/ 4.23 Fork carriage DIN 15 173, class/type A, B IIIA IIIA IVA IVA 4.24 Fork-carriage width b 3 mm 4.31 Ground clearance, with load, below mast m 1.


PALLET FORK RATINGS (Heavy Duty) *Dimensions A and B will be 2 inches less on machines older than K-series. Loader Rated Operating Capacity HYDRAULIC PALLET FORK RATINGS 900 lb. lb. lb. lb. 550 lb. 360 lb. 845 lb. 655 lb. lb. 990 lb. (160 kg) (250 kg) Width Bobcat Pallet Fork.

ITA Carriage Dimensions

 · ITA Carriage Dimensions The forks and carriage mounted forklift accessories available on this web page are manufactured to fit on the "Fork Arm Type A" carriages listed in the chart below: Class.

Class 2 forklift forks

37  · Our class 2 forks are manufactured to ANSI B56 and ISO specifications and standards. ….

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On the dock or in an aisle, Crown's electric counterbalance forklifts can meet rugged real-world challenges with power, productivity and performance while providing the efficiency and safety of electric operation. Learn More. RC Series. 3-Wheel Stand-Up Electric Counterbalance Forklift. Capacity: Up to ….

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