Tire Pressure

Correct air pressure should also be listed on the tire placard attached to the vehicle door edge, doorpost, glove box door or fuel door. You may use the tool above to view the manufacturer recommended inflations for standard sized tires on your vehicle. With the TPMS, one of these symbols will lightup on the dashboard when any tire is 25% under.

Compact Wheel Loaders

Maximum Pressure at Couplings 23 000 kPa (3,335 psi) System Relief Pressure Loader 23 000 kPa (3,335 psi) Steering 18 000 kPa (2,611 psi) Hydraulic Cycle Times Raise 4.9 sec. Dump 1.7 sec. Lower 3.5 sec. Total 10.1 sec. Controls Pilot-operated, 3-function valve with single-lever control for boom and bucket, standard pin disconnect and.

26.5R25 1* 202A2 BKT Earthmax SR 50 L

. EARTHMAX SR 50 (L-5) is an All Steel radial tire specially designed for loaders. The durable casing and sidewall protectors are ideal for the most demanding operations. EARTHMAX SR 50 is made of a special cut-resistant compound which ensures a long wear life. Operators will also appreciate its excellent traction, stability and.

950 GC Wheel Loader Technical Specifications, AEXQ

 · 3 950 GC Wheel Loader Specifications Dimensions All dimensions are approximate and based on Maxam MS302 23.5R25 L3 radial tires. 1 Height to Top of ROPS mm 11'4" 2 Height to Top of Exhaust Pipe mm 11'2" 3 Height to Top of Hood mm 8'9" 4 Ground Clearance 460 mm 1'6" 5 B-Pin Height mm 13'9" 6 Center Line of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight mm 6'9".


Pressure 3,002 psi (20.7 MPa) Raise 5.5 s Dump time 1.6 s Float down time 3.0 s Total cycle time 10.1 s LOADER ARM PERFORMANCE WITH ATTACHMENT Tipping load

 · Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Load - Tire Rack. … Note: 35 psi is the assigned "maximum load" pressure for standard load tires and 41 psi is the assigned "maximum load" pressure for extra load tires. The above chart correctly shows that an extra load tire is not rated to carry any more load than a standard load tire when both are.


Bridgestone Steel Breaker Off-the-Road tires are widely used on loaders at mining and quarry sites, loaders and shuttle trucks in underground mines, and also on log loaders. Side Steel Breaker Bias Tire In this tire the steel breaker extends to the sidewall of the tire to protect it against damage. The construction is similar to that described.

Air Pressure / Load Adjustment for High Speed

Increasing vehicle speed will cause the tires to deflect quicker, and increasing vehicle load will cause the tires to deflect farther (if tire pressure isn't increased). Consider that a 225/45R17 91W Standard Load tire (with a 25-inch overall diameter) will roll about 835 times every mile.

Tire Pressure Calculator

Extra Load tires of the same size will typically have the same load capacity at the same pressure as the Standard Load tire. However, they have added load capacity above certain pressures. Light and Standard Load tires have a maximum capacity pressure rating of 35-36 psi and Extra load tires have a maximum capacity pressure rating of 41-42 psi.

Goodyear pressure recommendations

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations S.A. 287//LUX-ENG otr.goodyear.eu Consult your Goodyear representative for additional information. ATTENTION • Tyre pressure is the most important factor for tyre performance and good tyre maintenance. • The recommended tyre pressures are for vehicles working in standard conditions and loading at nominal.

Standard Load (SL) vs Extra Load (XL) Tires

 · Standard Load (SL) SL tires cannot withstand heavy loads SL tires are meant for everyday driving A tire with the load capacity determined to be essential for its tire size (designated by the load index) is an SL or Standard Load tire. Standard load tires have a maximum load pressure ….

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The Tire and Rim Association permits tire load increases, often with increased inflation pressure, for Truck, Bus and Light Truck tires used on improved surfaces at reduced operating speeds. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company does not condone or recommend operating speeds above posted limits.

: Longacre 52

Get precision tire pressure readings with Longacre tire pressure gauge. Tire pressure gauge is mechanical and ranges from 0-60 PSI. Features a 2 inch glow in the dark dial face. Includes air pressure release button. 14 inch hose length. Sold each. Mechanical gauge. 0-60 PSI range. Air pressure ….

Farm Tire Load and Inflation Charts


V-Steel M-Traction. The V-Steel M-Traction (VMT) Premium Radial Tire by Bridgestone provides excellent traction in heavy-duty wheel loader, mining and earthmover applications. A nondirectional tread pattern helps the tire wear evenly, while durable compounds help prevent heat buildup. Share.


LOADERS SPECIFICATIONS 444H 544H 624H ... pressure system with full-flow spin-on filter and pressure system with full-flow spin-on filter and pressure system with full-flow spin-on filter and ... *444H equipped with 17.5-25 tires; 544H and 624H equipped with 20.5-25 tires. Axles/Brakes.


Wheel Loaders. As graceful as a dancer and built like a heavy-weight, the R540 easily navigates crowded work sites and flexes its muscle wherever it's needed. The wheel loader sports a hearty 51.1 horsepower and a breakout force of 7,761 pounds, all while keeping you comfortable in its spacious cab.


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Improving uptime by reducing early tire removal is critical to keeping production rolling. The Duraload™ SDT giant loader tire features unique, heavy-duty, super-deep tread. The Duraload™ SDT is available in both nylon and nylon/steel construction and two sizes - 35/65-33 and 45/65-45. View Tire Details. HTLD Tire.


LOAD INFLATION FirestoneA.om TABLE E TIRE SIZE INFLATION TIRE LOAD LIMITS AT VARIOUS COLD INFLATION PRESSURES psi 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 kPa 80 100 110 120 140 150 170 180 190 210 220 12.4-28 lbs (4) (6) kg 775 850 900(4) 975 (6) 12.4-36 lbs (4) (6) (8) ….


LOAD/PRESSURE TIRE WEIGHT TIRE TYPE NOTE 17.5R25 REM-15 ★★ 10 5 53 18 36 14.00/1.5 lb/94psi 153kg/337lb T/L

Inflation Pressure. Calculate Another Tire. *This recommended inflation pressure is the minimum required. to carry the load and must be maintained. *Grain Cart and Combine maximum in field speed allowable for up to 1 Mile. *For operations on slopes less than or equal to 11 degrees (20%) lateral slope. For more information, call 1-800-847-.

Tire Valve Stems: The Tire Valve Stem Selection Process

 · The TR413 and TR415 series valve stems were originally designed to handle inflation pressures up to 60 psi (4.1 bars). Today, they are rated at a maximum of 65 psi (4.5 bars). Be aware that many old catalogs still in circulation rate the TR413 and TR415 series valve stems at 60 ….

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