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 · The general rule at my old company was to use sheepsfoot rollers for silt or clay, while using the smooth drum rollers for sand and gravel. I have seen sheepsfoot rollers used on gravel, but I don't believe they worked any better than the smooth drum. If you've got silts and clays, sheepsfoot rollers are definitely the way to go. Cheers.

Padfoot Roller vs Smooth: What's the difference?

 · Pad foot, tamping foot or sheepsfoot rollers are typically used for compacting clay and other fine-grained soils. The textured bumps on the roller assist with compacting silty clays, allowing the padfoot roller to move over the surface without lifting sticky mud or clay off on to the roller drum. These single drum units use a combination of.

Soil Compaction Equipments: Roller Types

 · Sheepsfoot Blade Disadvantages. 1. Most sheepsfoot/wharncliffe style knives don't have much of a tip. If you regularly need to pierce and cut different materials, these styles of knives probably aren't going to be the best options. However, there are exceptions to every rule, take this knife or perhaps this one for example.

Sheeps foot roller

 · Sheepsfoot roller Mostly used for cohesive soils such as heavy clays and silty clays except for sandy soil. Compaction efforts are kneading and static weight. The thickness of the compacting layer is kept a minimum of 50 mm(2inches) or more, which depends on the length of the foot. Difference Types of roller Cylindrical roller.

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The tamping foot roller is capable of high rolling speeds without throwing material because of the design profile of the tamping foot. Sheepsfoot Roller Uses These days, contractors use varied soil and aggregate compactors. The most popular one is sheepsfoot roller as this type of roller can compact the soil directly beneath the foot ….

Smooth Drum Roller vs. Padfoot (sheepfoot) roller

 · Moving towards Padfoot roller which is also known as Sheep foot roller is more typically used on roads that have more consistent and solid materials laid on it. Materials such as clays need a Padfoot roller on it. Using any other roller can simply deteriorate the ….


 · One method used to increase the weight of the sheepsfoot roller compactor also called pad foot roller is by ballasting with water or wet sand. The volume of soil that can be compacted depends on three factors which are: the number of lugs per drum, the size of each lug and the roller….

Preventing Injuries When Working With Ride

With Ride-On Roller/Compactors Summary Workerswhooperateorwork around roller/compactors are at risk of injury from a ma-chine rollover or being struck by the machine or its compo-nents. NIOSH recommends that injuries and deaths be prevented through wider use of rollover protective struc-tures (ROPS) and seat belts on roller/compactors, train.

What Is Sheepsfoot Roller

 · The advantages of sheepsfoot roller are as follows. Sheep foot roller is also known as tamping rollers or pad foot rollers, which have many rectangular-shaped lugs or feet.; The advantage of a sheep foot roller is, In road construction works the sheep foot roller is very good for compacting plastic soil like silty clay.; The advantage of the sheep foot roller is it can be used as a vibration.

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 · Sheep's foot rollers can be self-propelled, dragged behind other equipment, or as an attachment to multi-function equipment. Some varieties also vibrate to increase compaction, and they come in varieties small enough to pull by hand. The size and shape of the 'foot' attachments vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use.

What Is Soil Compaction

The sheep's foot or tamping roller consists of a hollow steel cylindrical drum with steel projections or "feet" extending in a radial direction, outward from the cylindrical surface as per above fig. The diameter and width of the drum and length and shape of the feet of the rollers are varied to get different capacities.

Sheepsfoot roller

sheepsfoot roller, tamping roller. A self-propelled or towed drum-like roller with projecting studs that penetrate the surface of the ground; used to obtain deep compaction of fill material; esp. effective for compaction of clay soils. ( See illustration p. 880 .).

Holmes Sheepfoot Rollers & Parts

Holmes Sheepfoot Rollers & Parts. 42x48

 · Sheepsfoot roller Mostly used for cohesive soils such as heavy clays and silty clays except for sandy soil. Compaction efforts are kneading and static weight. The thickness of the compacting layer is kept a minimum of 50 mm(2inches) or more, which depends on the length of the foot. Difference Types of roller Cylindrical roller.

Methods of compaction of soil used in field

Sheep Foot Roller. Sheep foot rollers are named from sheep because, in ancient times, a flock of sheep were used to compact a newly formed fill. The roller is similar to the smooth wheel roller except that it contains numerous projecting feet about 200 mm to 250 mm long with an end area of 40 to 65 cm2.

Roller Compaction Buckets

Felco can send a set of replacement pin-on ears for your current Felco bucket, to use your attachment on a different, similar class excavator. Please provide the serial # on the Roller Bucket which is located between the current set of ears, and the Make / Model of the ….

Vibratory Soil Compactors

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Pneumatic Roller Compaction Equipment

Pneumatic rollers are widely used for compaction of sub grades, bases and bituminous mixes. These type of compaction equipment are suitable for soft base materials or layers of loose soil and closely grained sands. It can be used for compaction of the cohesive soils with the moisture content of 2-4% below the plastic limit.

[Solved] Sheep foot rollers are used for

Explanation. Mostly four types of rollers used are: Pneumatic tired roller; Tamping roller/ sheep foot roller; Smooth wheel rollers; Vibratory Roller; Sheep foot roller: Sheep foot roller also named tamping roller. The front steel drum of sheep foot roller consists of many rectangular-shaped boots of equal sizes fixed in a hexagonal pattern.

Holmes Sheepfoot Rollers & Parts

Holmes Sheepfoot Rollers & Parts. 42x48

 · Sheeps Foot Roller, Unbolted For Transport, Swivel Pin Hitch, 42" Drums, 8' Wide, 8.5" Spikes, NOTE: One Drum Needs Bearings . Disclaimer This Item was not Functionally Tested and no guarantees on condition or operability are made by BigIron. It is the bidder's responsibility to inspect the item, prior to bidding, and make their own.

Land Rollers For Sale

About Land Rollers. Virtually all aspects of crop production—planting, spraying, and harvesting—can benefit from the use of a land roller. As the name implies, a land roller has one or more drums that are towed across the field to even out high spots, push rocks into the soil, and break up large clumps of dirt or crop residue without packing the soil.

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The same principle is use in the design of sheep foot rollers. The sheep foot rollers consists of a hollow drum with a large number of small projections ( known as feet ) on its surface. These projections penetrate the soil layers during the rolling operations and cause compaction. The drums are mount on ….

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