How dangerous is it if your boiler pressure is well high

 · By boiler pressure, I'm assuming you mean the pressure of the central heating system as a whole, and that the little key you're using is the filling loop from the mains. The key is for *increasing* pressure when, as tends to happen over time, it loses a little. If it loses too much, a safety cutout switches off the boiler, which can be annoying.

Is It Bad to Overfill Your Power Steering Fluid

The average power steering pump can run at 1,000 to 1,500 psi of pressure on the high side -- more than 10 times the amount of pressure in your engine's cylinders, more even than your brakes. That kind of pressurized fluid needs some room to grow, which is why you have that air gap in your fluid reservoir.

Oil pressure, how low is too low?

 · Different motors react to low oil pressure differently. And how low is low? If the motor isn't making too many noises (particularly low frequency ones that generally mean bad main bearings) and has running pressure of about 15 lbs or more, it could run a very long time if you don't beat it.

What happens if I use 0W

It depends on what was originally recommended. If they originally recommended 0W-20, and you have been using 5W-30, you may be able to switch with no change in oil consumption (if it has not been too long). If has been a long time with 5W-30, you.

Why are soap suds coming up out of my washing machine

 · Washer cycles with just water are no issue, add HE soap and we get suds overflow. I too am curious about the additional washer water outlet PPM along with corrugated hose. Never had this suds issue until the speed queen showed up. The standpipe is 1.5-2.0. There has got to be some type of air back pressure forcing suds back up.

Normal blood oxygen levels: What is safe and what is low?

 · Normal and low blood oxygen levels. Blood oxygen levels may be measured using a pulse oximeter. A normal blood oxygen level varies between 75 and 100 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). A blood oxygen.

Vitamin A Excess

Consuming too much vitamin A over a long period of time can cause coarse hair, partial loss of hair (including the eyebrows), cracked lips, and dry, rough skin. Chronic consumption of large doses of vitamin A can cause liver damage. It can also cause birth defects in a fetus. Later symptoms include severe headaches and general weakness.

Equilibrium, Surplus, and Shortage

Generally any time the price for a good is below the equilibrium level, incentives built into the structure of demand and supply will create pressures for the price to rise. Similarly, any time the price for a good is above the equilibrium level, similar pressures will generally cause the price to fall. welcomes you to nitro express and

The action seems to be of military production too, as it lacks the long striker nut then used on commercial Mausers. The magazine floorplate is not of straddle-type like those used by Mauser on .318 and other rifles.If action and stock were made by Mauser together the Mauser commercial serial number and proofmarks should be visible on the.

LiFe iS tOo SHoRT 2 bE ORdiNAry

 · Blood Pressure = 119/62 (Standard 120-160/70-80) Pulse = 72 (Standard 70-80) Calorie = (Standard 900-) Cholesterol = Normal. Low blood pressure got to eat more vege, fruit and drink more milk. High Calorie got to eat less sea food, less ….

Liquid Density Experiments: 4 Density Science Projects To

Take the blue beaker out of the fridge and the red beaker out of the microwave. Pour some of the blue water into the 10 ml graduated cylinder or narrow glass. Using a pipet, slowly add red water a drop at a time and watch what happens. (This part may take a little practice—if you add the red water too fast you will force the colors to mix.

Oil prices: eventually the Gulf states will run out of power

 · Oil prices: eventually the Gulf states will run out of power. Oil prices have now almost halved in six months to below $60/barrel thanks to OPEC's refusal to cut production. This means all the.


 · When this happens, the oil becomes thinner and it will become difficult for the oil pump to maintain the necessary oil pressure. Another common reason for oil pressure to drop is when the oil starts to break down

A few things can happen: The crankshaft could be bent; The seals and gaskets could be destroyed; Very high crankcase pressure can lead to oil coming out of the crankcase ventilation (which might destroy your pistons if it enters your cylinders through your intake system) Eric Fossum's remark about turning the oil to foam is a very important one.

What is the ideal gas law? (article)

The pressure,, volume, and temperature of an ideal gas are related by a simple formula called the ideal gas law. The simplicity of this relationship is a big reason why we typically treat gases as ideal, unless there is a good reason to do otherwise. Where is the pressure of the gas, is the volume taken up by the gas, is the temperature of.

Low Oil Pressure: Causes, Symptoms & Solutions

Compressor - Loss of oil, Loss of oil pressure, or Cuts off on oil pressure control. Compressor short cycling. Insufficient oil in the system. Oil trapping in the system. Probably in the evaporator. Excessively low suction pressure. Excessive liquid refrigerant returning to the compressor (flood back). Defective oil pump or the oil pump inlet screen is restricted.

What Happens When the Oil Runs Out?

 · An oil well contains not only oil, but gas at high pressure, meaning that once the cap-rock that holds it all in place is broken, the oil is forced out in that familiar jet of black gold.

What Happens to a Cell in a Hypotonic Solution

 · When this happens, the osmotic gradient causes water to rush out of the cell and it becomes wrinkled or shriveled. If this happens to red blood cells, it is called crenation. Plant Cells. Plant cells respond the same way as animal cells in a hypotonic solution, but the affects may not be ….

What Are the Risks of Switching to Synthetic Oil in Older

 · The automotive community continues to debate whether switching to synthetic oil in older cars is beneficial or risky. In general, synthetic motor oil offers owners of newer cars, trucks, and SUVs multiple benefits, from extending component life to reducing cost of routine maintenance.If you have heard about the benefits of synthetic motor oil in vehicles, you may be inclined to switch.

What Happens After You Drink Magnesium Citrate

The most common side effects associated with taking magnesium citrate include diarrhea and stomach discomfort. Allergic reactions like rash, itching or swelling, blood in stool, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, weakness and severe diarrhea indicate severe side effects and ….

5 Signs that Indicate Faulty Spark Plugs in a Car

Uneven Idling. Uneven idling and vibrations is a major warning sign that indicates faulty spark plugs. The car engine will run at lower RPM during idling and runs smoothly without any noticeable vibrations or sound. Failing spark plugs can result in the engine to become ….

Low Oil Pressure: Causes and Diagnosis

 · One of the most serious issues that can happen to your Ford F150 's engine is if it ends up with low oil pressure. Low oil pressure will cause the engine to seize up. When the oil pressure light on, it should be assumed that the engine locking up is imminent. We advise not running the engine until the issue can be properly diagnosed.

When to replace shock absorbers (6 noticeable signs

When to replace shock absorbers (6 noticeable signs) When driving, a vehicle's shocks are always in use. Like many other car components, overtime this continuous use will lead to general wear and tear and they'll lose their ability to function properly. There are ….

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