XCMG 5Ton Wheel loader ZL50GN construction

pioneer Product Overview ZL50GN wheel loader is the latest cross-generation product developed by XCMG on the basis of the globalized technologic resources. Focusing on customer value and emphasizing customer experiences, XCMG loader is the first-choice equipment for the production organization in the fields of ports, mines, engineering.

Troubleshooting hard to shift gears, causes and remedies

 · The gearbox has synchronizers in it which are collars that match the speeds of various gears with each other, so that they slot in at any speed making it convenient to drive instead of having to double de-clutch to match engine and gearbox speeds (early gearboxes were non-synchromesh).


110 16 PID 110 Coolant Temperature High 110 0 PID 110 Coolant Temperature Very High 111 18 PID 111 Coolant Level Low 111 3 PID 111 Coolant Level Circuit Failed High 111 4 PID 111 Coolant Level Circuit Failed Low 111 1 PID 111 Coolant Level Very Low.


Thermometrics Epoxy Type C100 NTC Thermistors are epoxy-coated chip thermistors with 0.3 mm (0.012 in) bare tinned-copper lead wires. They are used for temperature measurement, control and compensation with a range of -80°C to 150°C (-112°F to 302°F) and high sensitivity greater than ….

Yesterday's Tractors

Another cold related noise is the high pitched squealing sound either from the front of the tractor or underneath the seat. This sound is usually related to a pump trying to move cold oil. It can be the engine oil pump, the hydraulic pump in the front of the tractor, which runs the loader, or, perhaps, the hydraulic pump in the final drive.

Ford Tractors Information

, Ford , trying to put new clutch in. power steering misbehavior. Ford front end allignment repair. old ford tractor. ford 850 fuel shutoff. Ford . trouble geting fuel from tank to filter. trouble geting fuel from tank to filter. Transmission identification.

13 Causes of a Stiff Clutch Pedal (w/ Simple Fixes)

 · My Mazda BT 50 ..4WD from the clutch pedal has always been relatively hard to push down ( I didn't realise as had old Landriver Defender prior). It's leaking some oil and mechanic has been saying for past 18 months that the clutch is on way out. Have driven km in past 2 years.

What serviceparts needed to do a complete service on a

 · I will most likely buy a X758 with almost 320 hours on the clock. It has not received service for a long time, but functions well. I would like to do a full service of it as soon as it arrives into my ownership; as its service-history is unknown; because the last owner passed away earlier on.

Select the right motor for your hydraulic applications

 · Select the right motor for your hydraulic applications. Bent-axis piston motors feature pistons placed at an angle to the drive shaft, rotating the shaft as fluid enters the motor. The ideal in hydraulic system design is to match overall efficiencies to the application performance expectation. This requires the designer to first match the motor.

John Tractor Hydraulics Troubleshooting Guide

The John brand is known for manufacturing sturdy tractors that deliver dependable performance. With the different tractor models under the brand, customers have a wide range of options, a factor that allows them to choose the best heavy-duty farm equipment for their needs. However, even with sturdy construction and proper maintenance.

Diagnostic Code Information for Electronic

 · 285 High Coolant Temperature Lamp 286 Low Oil Pressure Lamp 287 Low Current Digital Output #7 288 Low Current Digital Output #8 289 Fuel Pressure Sensor

Treinamento de Servicos Lg958 Eng Rev1- - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Caracteristicas cargador sdlg lg956l.


It has a 3 cylinder Diesel Engine that produces 34 horsepower. It has optional two wheel drive and four wheel drive models that weighs up to pounds. View specifications below. The L tractor has a category 1 three point hitch and has a pto that is rated 27.5 hp. View entire ….

Peugeot User Manual, Vehicle Information & Guide

- high load retaining net

Wheel loader machine is wildly used in road, railway, construction, port and mine projects to shovel bulk materials, such as soil, gravel and coal.With different auxiliary equipment, loader wheel also can bulldoze and lift materials, or load and discharging materials, such as wood.

Understanding Elevated Copper Levels in Used Oil Samples

level rose to less than 50 ppm. By the third oil change, the copper level was normal. Causes of Elevated Copper Levels Elevated copper levels occur when copper dissolves from the surface of the oil cooler tubes. The copper is in a solution with the oil and an insignificant amount of copper is removed from the oil cooler's tubes.


Page 64 Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG946L Wheel Loader Start the engine. Open the air volume and power switch 2 which have three gears (fan low gear, fan middle gear and fan high gear) and four positions (O, L, M and H). The speed of evaporating fan increases from ….

How to Inspect a Gearbox

Visually inspect the gearbox exterior for signs of overheating. Record temperatures from gearbox thermometers, thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). Measure oil sump temperature. For pressure-fed systems with an oil cooler, measure temperature at the gearbox oil inlet and outlet, as well as the cooler water inlet and outlet.

How Can You Troubleshoot a New Holland Tractor?

 · A faulty power take-off light or a blown fuse may result in the failure of the tractor to start. To fix this, repair the light and replace the fuse. A worn out filter or a defective seal can cause hydraulic fluid to leak. Replacing the filter and the seal can help to rectify this problem. A low oil level can result in an overheated hydraulic.

International Farmall Tractors Information

has no movement in. Low or high but reverse is fine has no movement in. Low or high but reverse is fine ih 560 Super A Rear Axle End Play Question CI 254 oil seal flail mower Power steering on Cub Low-Boy 154 titan 10 -20 hydraulic problems 3-point hitch farmall gaining oil International B414 Farmall Asking Price.

7 Common Car Engine Noises & What They Mean

 · RELATED: 6 Causes of a Knocking or Pinging Car Engine. Loud Banging. We've all heard it once in our lives

 · A high presence of bronze in the gear case oil can indicate premature wear on the crown gear of a geared elevator or high concentration of aluminum in your hydraulic tank may indicate pump housing wear in a hydraulic elevator. 4. Problem: Noisy bearings or bearing malfunction.

Crawler Loader/Dozer Common Faults

 · I have a 455C Case Loader and when operating after 15 to 20 minutes the transmission pressure builds up so high that it blew the filter and the filter housing apart. After fixing it back, I put a inline pressure gage on the filter assembly and then within 10 to 15 minutes it blew the "O" ring out of the filter and the pressure raised over.

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